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星期五, 三月 07, 2014

[Contest]NIVEA brings us the 1st rinse- off body lotion。◕‿◕。

Hi there !!
Did you ever felt annoying to have a dry skin ever ,
and found that you're the only one who just only have a terrible dry skin look like "snake skin" ??

All I can say is , 
there's no reason for us to be
lazy apply body lotion to all of us ,

Nows a day , 
air condition is the things we cannot without, right?
And this "cold air" going to make our skin becomes very dryness~
So , which means that we can't miss out our body lotion la ,
do not complain if you do have a "snake skin" ~~
Don't be lazy ~~

I have tried a few of whitening and hydration lotion products , 
which I love the most body lotion from NIVEA.

I have been used this product since many years ago,
and sure that , my husband and friends love my skin , 
and I apply body lotion after my shower is already one of my customary .

But ...
some of you maybe will feel like..
 Every single body lotion are the same structure ?
and need to wait the lotion being dry ,
or feeling sticky and uncomfortable ?

Sometime , after applied the lotion ,
then directly run to cuddle your boy ,
and the respond is :
" You so sticky la ~ So geli ,
why you girls love to put sticky thing on body ?"

Lagi pun , I bet that , even the thing we called " BODY LOTION ",
but when every time we apply it ,
we just apply on our hand to arm part ,
and same to our feet too~~

What do I mean is , we didn't apply on our body part!! 
Never apply at your back side and your front side...

Nah ~~
Now I have found a new product from NIVEA ,
which can help you solve your problem!!
 Don worry !!
NIVEA always considerate ,
and invent a convinients product to all of us !!
The 1st rinse-off body lotion !!

Seem I love to shopping ,
never heard about conditioner for body ...
when it officially launch ,
tot that it was a new "HAIR" conditioner !!
And I was wrong .
NIVEA is the 1st rinse-off body lotion .

The easy way to use the body conditioner ~

1 -  use your shower gel and rinse-off

2- Apply NIVEA Body Lotion In-Shower Skin Conditioner
while still in Shower
3- Rinse off
4- Dry yourself, get dressed and go !
So now , your will not worry about not apply body lotion and
so early become orang tua already !!

There's two type of the rinse-off body lotion which is for :
1) Snake Skin Man ( Very dry skin ) ~ Blue bottle
2) The Humanity skin ( Normal Skin ) ~ White bottle

How to difference what skin type you have?
Dry Skin

Normal Skin

Telling you that , if your age are already reached 23years old ,
the elasticity "engine "of your skin started losing.

Which mean that you are getting old ,
and if you didn't start to take care your body ,
and just take caring the head part,
bah.....even if your face look so young ,
but your hand look like orang tua ..
Bocor rahsia la !!

Telling you a true story,
At the past I was very lazy to applied anything to my body,
 One day , I met a new friend from Taiwan ,
and I was shock about is ,
She already about 30++ something ,
and her skin very very nice and firm ,
even my age is younger than her,
but how come her skin look younger than me leh.....

She teach me her technique is,
when after finish take shower and dry yourself with the towel,
directly apply the body lotion, and don't do other things first.

I already grab myself a rinse-off body lotion ,
And I was found that , this thing,
just like after doing JACUZZI in the beauty salon !!
No need to pay expensive price to go beauty salon any more !!

The feels just like smooth , fair , and milky !!!
If you wish to have more good effect , after rinse-off lotion,
apply another hydrating body lotion !!

What are you waiting for ?
Go fast to grad a bottle rinse-off body lotion for yourself !
Trust me !! You won't regret !!
Thank you NIVEA for bring us the 1st rinse-off body lotion,
such good product, and let our skin so healthy and smooth !!


The End 

NIVEA the 1st rinse-off body lotion

Please Click my video for more review ~

Thanks to NIVEA bring us the 1st rinse-off body lotion ~~

NIVEA - The Sexy In-Shower Experiment !

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