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星期日, 九月 08, 2013

[Apps] ~( ̄▽ ̄)~*How to overlays your photos~♥

Hi ~ today I’m going to blog about my favorite mobile Apps
I think since Instagram being launch this few years
A lot of "selfie" was BORN
Erm…yes, I’m one of them

Beside that , I love to look for new apps and edit my photo
Which can make them look nice and …well you know

But there are many Apps
You will think about which apps will be more fun
Well,may be you'll same as me
You don’t wish that you phone full with unused apps,right ?

Since I always keep log in my instagram everyday
I found lots of photos been edited
They look so much simple and nice
so I'm Started to fall in love to them
And going to find out what apps they using
What they named it “OVERLAYS”
Some of them are say complicated
But for me ,not easy not complicated la ,so so la
(what the hell you talking about?)

Let me show you their photo
 It's really nice one

Nice right ?
Now I learned 
But then so many of my friends keep asking me about the tutorial
So I’m going to share about it

Search and print screen overlays

Step 1

You have search “OVERLAYS” photo that you love from instagram ,
You don know where goin to search ?
Log in your instagram , do you see the magnifying glass at above your profile ?

Step 2

Click it and click “TAG” search for #overlaysforu  ,or #overlays
Or any tags that related to “overlays
Once you found your favorite overlays, 

I did print screen to this Hot Air Balloon 

Download App on you mobile and insert overlays

Step 1
Now you have to download an Application
 named “PicArt” on your mobile
This is the hot App which have many function ,
And could help you to edit your picture to 
insert the overlays on your photo

Step 2
Click in the Apps, then choose “PHOTO” to
 choose the photo that you wish to edit 

I been choose this photo for example

Step 3

Do you see the “Add Photo” at the below column ?
Click it and it will ask you to choose picture ,
Click “ GALLERY” , and  choose the "overlays" that you been print screen just now
Then it will show you ,just like the photo as below 

all you have to do is ,just “click “ the ()

then it will show the photo as below

Step 4

need some adjustment 

Outer border  : 0(zero)

Inner Border :  0(zero)

Corner Radius : 0 (zero)

After do the adjustment 

Click the “crop  button

And it will pop out as the picture below

Crop the picture manually as the size you like

When you done then click()

 When you done then click()


The hot air balloon overlays will pop out on your photo

Click the “NORMAL” at below

Choose “screen

Which the hot air balloon will become transparent 

You almost DONE!!!!

What you have to do now is just adjust the overlays

Adjust to where you wish to put ~

When done ,just click()to FINISH~~

If you wish to add another overlays to your photo ,

Just repeat the step that I tough you just now ,

Easy and simple !!!

Congratulation !!!

You learn a new thing for today again!!!!

Hope you like my tutorial and blog !!!

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