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星期一, 十月 29, 2012

[Makeup]☉✖☉ 2012 Incoming attack to Melbourne shuffle !!★☆★☆★

yup!!!! If you have read-ed my old blog post last 2 days , I have posted the 2012 Melbourne Shuffle means Zombie walk for 1.30hour at the street with zombie look !!!!!!

yes!!I'm really join it !!!! And I can telling YOU that ,it is really AWESOME!!!!! OMG !!! I have been long time to wish make up as a zombie , and scream as louder as you wish , and walk like a zombie at the entire Melbourne street !!

I woke up at 5.49a.m on the Sunday morning with very excited mood, and prepare all my stuff after washed my face, and start make up my face to zombie look !!!! 

I have been appointment at 8 a.m to start our journey to Melbourne, and we don't know that how far is going to Carlton Gardens , which is my first time drive and with all of us!!! ALL Ladies!!!!!

hahah~~ just woke with my funny look ~~ haven't been make up , but the face look like shit....WTF
well~~ I'm doing this,just using 2 pieces tissues papers , and back to school glue, which is washable ,( you don have to afraid that shit can't remove when you went back home ~ hahah!!)

Actually , I have been tried this before the day I go ,(means yesterday la!!), and I learn it from Youtube , I feel very easy ,because I am a make up artist before , so it's won't too hard for me ~~

So...Let me show you my yesterday's make up , first trial ~ and I done it with successfully !!!

But......Actually I don like this ,because not so scary la~~~SO !!! Decide to add some more effect of my face!! XD 

MAKE UP to Melbourne Shuffle

You know what ? I have took about 1.30 hour to finish this thing... And after that I felt regret to do this make up, because I felt myself too scary , and I don't know how I'm goin OUT with this face.....

After that ..... I wear like this.....trying to cover my face..

But nothing can be covered......hahahah...
when I go inside the KFC in the early morning ,  people just look at me like  (;¬_¬)..and 

I'm just thinking and confuse that , today sure got zombie shuffle boh???? if not ..I really ..LOL...

My friends that go with me , they did make up too ~~ but they didn't make up just like me , then make themselves just a cute barbie ghost and pretty little devil~~ and I'm prefer to become scary zombie !! Cos I'm Zombie Fans!!

The Shuffle start at 2.30pm , when we parked our car and the City , and decide to go the Garden with our foot , and I'm REALLY DAMN worry and scare!!!!!!!!
When we walk along whole the street...people's eyes just looking at me like .... you know that !!! Acting me like FREAK!! And, we even didn't met any one of zombie yet ......LOL

FINALLY!! We reach!!!

I'm started so excited ,BECAUSE I saw many similar same as like me!!!!!! You know what ?? I take out my jacket , my sunglasses, my damn cap ,and started acting like ZOMBIE!!! LOL! (ΦωΦ)
And ... there's a lot of photographer ..and I just pose like zombie .. and they keep take photo, and I feel I'm just like MODEL~~ wow!! that's feeling is really GREAT!!!

I don have any photo that can show you , but just have the only one , and...just with one photographer~ because nobody can help me take photo,so I missed it。。。。。 (╥_╥)

The happiest thing is ~~ I'm been ask for fill up the form which is chosen by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ,nothing special to you maybe ... but I'm so excited , because it's means that my make up are successful !!!!


Last !! Today was very very very awesome day  and great day!!! AND !!
I didn't felt regret to my make up!!!!!! (`・ω・´)”

Zombie needs Shopping for a while la!!!

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✄Happy Halloweensss!!!!ツ

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