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星期二, 十二月 11, 2012

[Make Up] My Christmas Make Up tutorial

We wish you a Merry Christmas ~
We Wish you a Merry Christmas ~
We Wish you a Merry Christmas ~
And a Happy New Year!!

wow!!! Christmas is coming soon !!
Are you ready for your Christmas 2012??
Some of you guys may be will goin to Church , may be some of you goin to shopping or club!!!
Here's my short make up tutorial  video for  ur guys who wish make urself look like Korean!
Hope you like it !!

Actually many friends are worried about the make up product that they using , 
most of my make up products are bought from Watson , SaSa , and Cosway!!
Cos I don't have enuf money to buy form the cosmetic counter , with eating GRASS for that month , hahah!!
You might be need my intro for Cosway product , you can try the Lelan Vital which import Switzland , I juts telling you that, it is really nice to use , but I don't recommend to the Mascara for that brand , not really nice to put your eyes lashes with no stay longer for whole day. 

Looking for great and with the affordable eye liner price? 
You can go Watson or anywhere which they got MAYBELLINE counter , 
then you can look for the eye liner as the make up tutorial that I posted !!

Need to ask some Make up  Question ?
Email me!!

LOVE you guys !!!

星期一, 十二月 03, 2012

[Melbourne]2012 墨爾本夜市介紹~ 吃喝玩樂篇

不知不覺來了澳洲已經一年了, 發覺墨爾本都沒有夜市耶~ 原來,澳洲本地人都沒有夜市, 都很難找, 而且他們的做生意的方式和我們馬來西亞不同的就是, 4或5點,店門都差不多關的七七八八了。。人家口中說的“ 吃飽買包”,即使你還在他的店裡正在購物, 他們的休息時間到了, 都會跟你說,還有5分鐘就要休息了,要趕快買~~ 不會趕你走啦, 都是很有禮貌的跟你說, 讓你覺得說 不好意思, 然後覺得在阻礙別人休息, 然後快手快腳的還錢走人。。。。然後自己對自己說, 下次一定要早點來。。。

晚上想逛街都沒有的逛。。。只能乖乖的待在家裡。。尤其是,假期到CITY (墨爾本)玩的時候, 到了晚上, 除了去唱歌以外,都沒有其他地方可以休閒。。。有時候覺得說, 墨爾本好無聊哦。。。。到了7點,街上都沒什麼人的。。。。

但因為夏天白天的時間比較長, 差不多9點,太陽公公才正式下山,因此在夏天才會有夜市活動產生,吃的用的什麼都有,據說,差不多很台灣的夜市很想, 所以我的台灣朋友們,懷念台灣夜市文化,還等什麼~~

超愛逛夜市的黛安娜小姐, 終於可以逛夜市啦!!!

The Suzuki Night Market 2012-2013

地點:Queen Victoria Market


時間:每週三 Wednesday  5.00pm until 10.00pm (14 November 2012- 27 February 2013,except 26 December 2012)

1)做火車到Melbourne Center 下車,然後在走路到那邊約5-10分鐘。
2)  坐免費的CITY CIRCLE電車在 La Trobe 和Elizabeth 或 Queen Street 下車,然後走到那邊。

更多詳情 或 圖片,請瀏覽

星期三, 十一月 21, 2012

【Makeup】 The day we play our girl's toys !

Yup, yesterday just blogging and promise myself that not going to be a lazy woman again..
and I have been invited to play girl stuff on these "holidays" without nothing to do ,and a new Selangor lady trying to join us , and ask me to teach her some basic makeup....
And you know what , when during she started to open up her mouth try to speak out,you will found that she is totally a "NEGATIVE" minded woman !!
She's quite good looking ,everything good but I don know where does her negative thought came from . She bring a lot of her make up "toys" , and trying to show off to us , but the mouth keep saying :" this one already expired, this one also expired...this one..I buy last two years, i think is expired..."  WTF... both of them are BRANDED!!! Got YSL , Bobbi Brown , Chanel , Dior.....all expired? 
May be she scare us use her product ? Don trying to gossip people la ...
Well, actually I invited by my cousin who called WeiWei, a woman totally don know how to make up herself..And today I'm goin to blogging about <The day I teach 2 woman basic make up > who is WeiWei , and a woman that keep blaming her product been expired, but still apply on her face.... WTF
Even though that these 2 woman same age , but different minded, the woman who called WeiWei aged 28 but minded younger just like 18 , the another one minded just like 50..I think they will get a shot gun and shot me if they read my blog XD ..
This is not the first time I played our toys with WeiWei, but this time a new girl joined us , and she said that she wanna make her face just like we done last time , yessss!!! if you didn't follow my facebook page or IG " instagram" you don know how beautiful we are , because we trying to makeup as Korean K-pop Star, which I follow Girls Generation who called TaeNeon..and today I goin to teach my WeiWei a KAwaii makeup which is use PINK color eyes shadow, and she telling me that , she not suitable for Pink color eyes shadow, and the teacher(me) telling her that: "just follow as I teach you."
BEFORE - Old woman aged 28

Before I show you her new style , new post, new makeup,everything NEW !! Let me show you how auntie she is ... XD 



I know you will look the RIGHT girl , but I'm talking the LEFT woman..
If you wish to become more younger, the important place on your face is the EYE BROW !!! Many girls love to draw a thin eye brow on their faces, but you know what ... in this generation ... you will look like auntie....LOL

Left -by her own hand , Right- My demo to her
She got improve la !!! Keep describe herself look like SHIN CHAN ,which the Japanese comic with thick eye brow !! For me okay la~ 
I wanna show you her makeup which is Korean make before I show you her Kawaii's Makeup !!!

Totally different la !!!
Sarangheo ~

Kawaii Style


Just like I told you before , is totally different face with same person !! How about the other girl ?? Like I said , keep blaming her mouth very big la , cannot accept the color la..dot.dot .dot....She deleted her photo , and you know what , after done our make up course , of course we take photo , and show off on facebook ,WTF .. and she keep take photo with the same post which we called PASSPORT PHOTO, and me and weiwei keep force her to take photo with different poses , just like Hell Training....

The only photo that took by my phone

Edited by Lady Di, nice ma !! got ugly meh ??? WTF she does.'t know how gorgeous she is ? I posted this photo on my facebook and tag her without telling her , I though that she will happy... Mana tau , her respond to me is ..... I don't like the photo, oklar....the photo angle are weird and I look not standing straight....PULA..

I'm totally like up side down and (=.=")
And this photo got 50 BIG TOE ~aiyah...strange student...
need slowly force her to change her bad ,strange , old , negative minded !!
this is me - BEFORE
And now showed you mine photo , and this is before makeup , like I said the EYE BROW is very very very important !!! 





Stopping here, and update soon again !!! C ya guys !!

My facebook Page

星期一, 十月 29, 2012

[Makeup]☉✖☉ 2012 Incoming attack to Melbourne shuffle !!★☆★☆★

yup!!!! If you have read-ed my old blog post last 2 days , I have posted the 2012 Melbourne Shuffle means Zombie walk for 1.30hour at the street with zombie look !!!!!!

yes!!I'm really join it !!!! And I can telling YOU that ,it is really AWESOME!!!!! OMG !!! I have been long time to wish make up as a zombie , and scream as louder as you wish , and walk like a zombie at the entire Melbourne street !!

I woke up at 5.49a.m on the Sunday morning with very excited mood, and prepare all my stuff after washed my face, and start make up my face to zombie look !!!! 

I have been appointment at 8 a.m to start our journey to Melbourne, and we don't know that how far is going to Carlton Gardens , which is my first time drive and with all of us!!! ALL Ladies!!!!!

hahah~~ just woke with my funny look ~~ haven't been make up , but the face look like shit....WTF
well~~ I'm doing this,just using 2 pieces tissues papers , and back to school glue, which is washable ,( you don have to afraid that shit can't remove when you went back home ~ hahah!!)

Actually , I have been tried this before the day I go ,(means yesterday la!!), and I learn it from Youtube , I feel very easy ,because I am a make up artist before , so it's won't too hard for me ~~

So...Let me show you my yesterday's make up , first trial ~ and I done it with successfully !!!

But......Actually I don like this ,because not so scary la~~~SO !!! Decide to add some more effect of my face!! XD 

MAKE UP to Melbourne Shuffle

You know what ? I have took about 1.30 hour to finish this thing... And after that I felt regret to do this make up, because I felt myself too scary , and I don't know how I'm goin OUT with this face.....

After that ..... I wear like this.....trying to cover my face..

But nothing can be covered......hahahah...
when I go inside the KFC in the early morning ,  people just look at me like  (;¬_¬)..and 

I'm just thinking and confuse that , today sure got zombie shuffle boh???? if not ..I really ..LOL...

My friends that go with me , they did make up too ~~ but they didn't make up just like me , then make themselves just a cute barbie ghost and pretty little devil~~ and I'm prefer to become scary zombie !! Cos I'm Zombie Fans!!

The Shuffle start at 2.30pm , when we parked our car and the City , and decide to go the Garden with our foot , and I'm REALLY DAMN worry and scare!!!!!!!!
When we walk along whole the street...people's eyes just looking at me like .... you know that !!! Acting me like FREAK!! And, we even didn't met any one of zombie yet ......LOL

FINALLY!! We reach!!!

I'm started so excited ,BECAUSE I saw many similar same as like me!!!!!! You know what ?? I take out my jacket , my sunglasses, my damn cap ,and started acting like ZOMBIE!!! LOL! (ΦωΦ)
And ... there's a lot of photographer ..and I just pose like zombie .. and they keep take photo, and I feel I'm just like MODEL~~ wow!! that's feeling is really GREAT!!!

I don have any photo that can show you , but just have the only one , and...just with one photographer~ because nobody can help me take photo,so I missed it。。。。。 (╥_╥)

The happiest thing is ~~ I'm been ask for fill up the form which is chosen by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ,nothing special to you maybe ... but I'm so excited , because it's means that my make up are successful !!!!


Last !! Today was very very very awesome day  and great day!!! AND !!
I didn't felt regret to my make up!!!!!! (`・ω・´)”

Zombie needs Shopping for a while la!!!

Feel free to LIKE my Facebook Page for view more photos!!

✄Happy Halloweensss!!!!ツ

星期三, 十月 24, 2012

【墨爾本】★☆★☆★☆2012 墨爾本殭屍遊行!!!!★☆★☆★☆

光聽名字都想去!!!! 我自己的國家都沒有這樣的東西怎麼可以錯過呢?????
本人都是已經resident evil 的電影迷, 又有看The Walking Dead!!!
去年聽朋友說了, 他們到過了澳洲某地的殭屍遊行, 聽起來很棒!!!

現在有機會啦!!!! 當然不能錯過啦!!!

身在墨爾本你朋友們!!! 是不是心動了呢????

時間: 10月28日 周日下午2点30分,
地點:在墨尔本Carlton Garden会有一大群僵尸聚集!!!!!!!!!!!

整個遊行將會持續1個小時 半!!!直到城区南部Alexandra Garden结束!!

( 以下图片来自微博@提姆河 2012阿德莱德僵尸游行)

星期一, 十月 22, 2012

【Apps】。◕‿◕自己DIY ,免費讓自己擁有美美的照片☆★☆★☆★☆

現代自拍潮越來越熱起來了, 但是有時候想讓自己的照片看起美美的, 人家用“愛瘋” ,我也用“愛瘋”,人家用“三星” , 我也一樣用“三星”, 但是為什麼總是一直覺得自己的照片沒有人家那麼好看呢??

☆★☆★☆★☆ 想去shopping , 可是想存錢買相機~
☆★☆★☆★☆想DIY做美容 ,昨天已經做完啦~~
☆★☆★☆★☆寫blog??  目前沒有idea~~
黛安娜!!! 你煩不煩???? 自拍啦!!!! 這幾天自己自拍, 然後可以從白天edit 到夜晚~~
edit 的當中裡, 發覺電話裡真的很多程式(apps)非常好用的~卡~~

本人用了這些程式, 還不錯哦~~



重點是, 他會自動target你的臉~哈哈~太厲害了!!

。。。》》》 偶喜歡粉紅腮紅~~


當然,它還有美化照片, 讓自己看起來美白的!!!
我喜歡夢幻般的feel ~~

本人也很喜歡一些閃閃發亮的東西, 也喜歡貓貓, 
所以可以在照片上貼上發亮的貓貓, 另外, 當然還有很多啦,
美人相機功能哦很多, 不妨下載試一試!!


當然啊, 功能很多, 但是寫不了那麼多啦~~
想了解,趕快下載吧 !!

如果愛拍那個大頭貼的你, 這個非常適合你哦!!!!
如果拍過大頭貼的美眉們, 都知道大頭貼機通常都會限定時間, 
有時候,還沒有準備好, 就“咔嚓” , 拍了。。。拍出來的效果,結果是非常。。。。遜!!




簡單為你介紹, 希望你會喜歡~~~

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